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Named Photographs: T - Y

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Carte de Visite of Margaret Torrance

Taylor, J H: Cabinet Portrait by Paul Cameron, Pitlochry.  Inscribed on the front “J H Taylor”.  0472

Ted: Postcard.  Postally used 1 March 1909.  Message on reverse indicates that sitter is Ted in his "Farmer Giles" character.  0150

Thomas: Cabinet Portrait by Maull and Fox, 187A, Piccadilly, London.  Inscribed on the reverse “Thomas”.  0300

Thompson: Oscar Way, Royal Studio, Colchester.  Real Photograph.  Inscribed on reverse “Thompson” and “My school sports 1921 misstreses [sic] x my teacher” [fourth from left].  0151

Tomlinson, Thomas: Carte de Visite.  Inscribed on the reverse reads "Yours faithfully, Thos Tomlinson, Cheetham Hill, Manchester" 0152

Torrance, Margaret: Carte de Visite bearing the name "Margeret Torrance" on the reverse.  0153

Townson, Mr: Carte de Visite.  Stewart & Co, Melbourne.  Inscribed on reverse “Mr Townson.”   0154

Townson, Mrs: Carte de Visite.  Stewart & Co, 217 & 219 Bourke St East, Melbourne.  Inscribed on reverse “Mrs Townson”.  0155

Trafford, Albert: Postcard.  Inscribed “Your Affectionate Son Albert Trafford” on front.  0156

Trezise, Mr and Mrs: Carte de Visite.  Inscribed on reverse “ Mr and Mrs Trezise, Grandmother’s Trud[????] Father and Mother” and “Stepmother of Nicholas Wallis.”  0157

Cabinet Portrait of August, Alice and Robert von Wassermann

Warner, Edward: Carte de Visite by H Hering, 137 Regent Street, London. However, a pencilled inscription on the reverse reads "From Edwd and [?] Ann Warner at Felsham, 28 April 1869".  0158

von Wassermann, August, Alice and Robert: Cabinet Portrait by Wilma Stockmann, Hietzing.  This photograph is of the famous German physician (1866-1925) and bacteriologist who invented the first test for syphillis.

The photograph is inscribed on reverse “Geh. Rh. August u Alice u Robert von Wassermann”.  Geh. Rh. is an abbreviation for the honorary title “Geheimrat” which equates to Privy Counsellor.

Further information about the von Wassermann family can be found here.  0159

Webster, Alice: Postcard signed on reverse.  0161

Whitelock, Lt Charles Granville, RN: Carte de Visite by C A Duval and Co.  Inscribed on the reverse “Charles Granville Whitelocke, Lt RN, only son of Frank Whitelocke and Mary Anne W (née Campbell).  0162

Wight: Carte de Visite by Edgar, St John Street, Ashbourn.  The year 1862 appears on the rear.  0163

Wilkinson, Miss: Cabinet Portrait by Mrs Sutcliffe, Burton, Westmoreland. Inscribed on reverse "Miss Wilkinson, 4 Anson Rd, as photo, Victoria Pk. As photo 18 x 14 Victoria".  Apparently linked to Walker Family, Chemists, Nantwich, Cheshire.  0164

Will: Carte de Visite by W New, 3 Upper Queens Buildings, Brompton.  Inscribed on reverse “Dad’s eldest Brother Will”.  0204

Will and George: Cabinet Portrait by H J Charrington.  Inscribed “Will and George”.  0474

Willcocks, Dora: Postcard.  The Frue[?] Studio, Adelaide.  Inscribed on reverse “Dora Willcocks”.  0165

Willingham, George Barton: Photograph.  Probably 1920s. Inscribed "Great-Gran-pa George Barton Willingham" on the reverse. 0166

Wills, Joseph: Carte de Visite by Wm G Page, Oxford Street, Daventry, Northamptonshire. Inscribed "Joseph Wills taken 14 years of age" on reverse.  0167

Wimbush, Miss: Carte de Visite by H J Whitlock, 11 New Street, Birmingham.  Inscribed "Miss Wimbush Cousin of John Richards" on reverse.  0168

Wimblett, Mary: Carte de Visite by Andrews Studio, Swansea.  Negative No. 24923.  Inscribed "Mary Wimblett relation of J. H. R." on reverse.  0169

Cabinet Portrait of Gladys Young's Mother

Young, Gladys' Mother: Cabinet Portrait by Heath and Bullingham, 24 George Street, Plymouth.  Late 1880s.  Inscribed "Gladys Young’s Mother" on reverse.  0170

Postcard naming Marie de Forest, Bobbie Dormer, Chackravartiou, West, Scot, Joubert, Robinson, Tudor, Rogers, Wyn Williams, Thomas, J De Forest, Khan, Standing, Tata, Chetwyne, Cooper

Photograph:  Names mentioned: Marie de Forest, Bobbie Dormer, Chackravartiou, West, Scot, Joubert, Robinson, Tudor, Rogers, Wyn Williams, Thomas, J De Forest, Khan, Standing, Tata, Chetwyne, Cooper.  0189

Postcard:  Inscribed on the reverse “Harris, Moray, Palmer, Fricks, Barton, Sparks, Luxton, Prout, Nan, Marles, Cornish, Stamp, Screech, Gibbons, Chown, Nymond, Barrett, Baker, Clark, Walker, Farley, Jackson”.  0448

Postcard:  Photograph by Architectural Photographs and published by S Smith, The Minster Bookshop, Steephill, Lincoln.  Inscribed on the reverse “Goole (Chelmsford), Chaplain, Warden, Subwarden, Waters (Lincoln), Fryer (Chelmsford).  0452