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Named Photographs: A - D

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Postcard of Daphne Angel

Abbott, Thomas: Carte de Visite by J & T Spencer. Pencilled inscription on the reverse "Thos Abbott a Novelty Only".  0001

Ada: Carte de Visite by  Robt H Preston, Penzance.  Inscribed on reverse “Ada - 1880 With Love.”  0002

Adamson: Carte de Visite by the London Stereoscopic Company.  Inscribed "Cousin Jeanie Adamson Dad’s cousin" on the reverse. 0003

Alan and Rosie: Postcard.  Photographer unknown.  Inscribed on reverse “Shropham Alan and Rosie pre-wedding.  0004

Alice: Postcard.  0005

Alice: Cabinet Portrait by Whyte of 37 Jamaica Street, Glasgow.  Inked inscription in the bottom right hand corner "With Alice’s love." 0006

Alice: Postcard by T Taylor, Burnley.  Inscribed on reverse “Wishing you a Merry Xmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.  From:- Your Niece Alice at Walton Hospital.  0007

Angel, Daphne:  Postcard by Dimond Studio, 150 Rundle Street, Adelaide.  Inscribed on reverse “Daphne Angel”.  0008

Annie: Postcard portrait to I Pringle.  Christmas 1908.  0009

Postcard of R F Benton

Bacon, Mrs: Cabinet Portrait.  Inscribed "Miss J Wilton, from her friend Mrs Bacon on July 2nd 1887".  Hills & Saunders of Eton (Negative No. 39572).  0010

Baker, B U and Conner, Lyn C: Postcard.  Inscribed on reverse “Mrs B U Baker, Aldgate.  Mrs Lyn Conner, Darratbee Vale.”  0013

Baker, J J: Cabinet Portrait by Jno Chaplin and Sons, Yeovil.  Inscribed "J J Baker 1897" on the reverse.  0014

Ball, C: Carte de Visite by Johnson, 48 Rue Vivienne, Paris.  Inscribed "C Ball Pont-aude-mer" on the reverse.  0016

Bea: Postcard portrait by Swift Studio, Central Drive, Blackpool and Melbourne Street, Stalybridge.  Inscribed "Wishing you the Compliments of the Season From Your Loving Sis Bea L.L.H xxxx".  0017

Beardman: Carte de Visite by Draycott, 82 New Street, Birmingham.  0174

Ben: Postcard portrait posted to Mrs H Smith, 6 Kincaid Road, Meeting House Lane, Peckham, London SE6, September 1910.  0019

Benton, R F: Postcard portrait bearing sitter’s address on reverse.  0020

Bert: Postcard portrait sent to Mrs McMain, Star of the West, Wellingborough, Northants, December 1905.  0021

Bert: Postcard portrait.  Inscribed "Best Wishes From Your Old Chum Bert" on the reverse.  0022

Bessie: Postcard portrait by Walter F Rendell, The Studio, Yeovil.  Inscribed "Yours Lovingly Bessie" on front.  0023

Betty, Guy and Jonas: Photograph with message on the reverse signed by Betty, Guy and Jonas.  0453

Birch, Annie: Carte de Visite by Williams & Williams (branches in Bristol, Hereford, Shrewsbury, Cardiff, Newport, Stockport, Birkenhead, Pontypool and Swansea).  Inscribed "Aunt Annie Birch" on reverse.  0024

Braby, Wm: Cabinet Portrait by Creelman and Co, Burlington Studios, Sydney Arcade, New South Wales, Australia.  Inscribed on the reverse “Wm Braby Aged 2 years.  1872”.  0470

Bridge, Lieut W A, New Zealand Army: Photograph.  Inscribed “My Desert home.  Egypt.  30 July 1940.  To Harold.  Lieut W A Bridge N.Z.A.”  0025

Buhl-Keeling, Lily: Photograph.  Boans Multiphoto Studio.  Inscribed on reverse “Lily Buhl-Keeling went to Heaven on 1st June 1980 aged 76.  Pals for 71 years”.  0026

Burfitt: Carte de Visite by W G Parker, 40 High Holborn, London.  Inscribed "Hercomb Burfitt" or "Aercomb Burfitt" on the reverse.  0027

Burgess, Mrs: Postcard portrait inscribed on reverse, 1920.  R W Vieler, Eastbourne.  0028

Carte de Visite of K Coad

Campbell, Jean Alison: Postcard portrait addressed to Mr and Mrs Heasell, 1935.  0029

Charles: Postcard.  Christmas Greetings card inscribed as part of the photographic process “Yours Truly Charles.  0446

Charlie: Postcard portrait sent to W Butterfield, Bedford, June 1908.  0030

Charlie: Carte de Visite by T Falls, 9-10 Baker Street, Portman Square, London W.  Inscribed on the reverse "Charlie aged about eighteen". Sent or given to somebody in Bexleyheath, London, SE  0031

Charlie, Maud, Russell and Archie: Cabinet Portrait by Ernest Pearce & Co of 46 Stamford Hill, North London.  May have been related to the Misses Ethel and Daisy Short, formerly of Bayston Road, Stoke Newington, London N16. c1901.  0032

Cissie: Postcard.  L E Muller, 154 Kingsland Road, London N.  Inscribed on reverse “To Dear May With Fondest Love From Cissie.” 0033

Coad, K: Carte de Visite by John Hawke, Plymouth.  Inscription on the reverse appears to read "K.  Coad".  c1870.  0034

Coles, Florence A: Cabinet Portrait by W W Wright and Sons, Forest Gate, Ilford, Seven Kings, Romford, Leyton and Walthamstow. Inscribed on the reverse “Florence A Coles Aged 44 days”.  0471

Collins, Eliza: Postcard of headstone.  0451

Cooper, George: Postcard portrait.  Used.  Inscribed "George Cooper left England March 27th /09" and "came over July 1912, went back Aug 15th /12" on reverse.  0035

Crompton, Lady: Carte de Visite.  Photographer unknown.  Inscribed on reverse “Grandmother Crompton”.  0036

Cummings, Rev: Carte de Visite by M J de Mouxy, 125 Regent Street, London.  c1862.  0037

Currie, L: Postcard portrait signed on front.  0038

Postcard of V Dwyer

Davy, Bessie: Carte de Visite.  Robt H Preston, Penzance.  Inscribed on reverse “[?] Bessie Davy 1881.”  0039

Dixon, Eva, Robert and Elsie: Postcard portrait inscribed "Eva May Dixon Aged 8, Robert Dixon, Elsie Gertrude Dixon Aged 9. 1921 Colchester, Essex.  0040

Douglas: Postcard.  Inscribed on front “Yours sincerely Douglas.  0041

Drage, A: Postcard  Inscribed on reverse “With kind regards to Mr and Mrs Evans from A Drage.”   0042

Drew, G: Carte de Visite by Slater, Mostyn Street, Llandudno.  Inscribed on reverse “Mr G Drew, 2 Avenue Villas, Birkbeck Avenue, Horn Lane, Acton, London.”  0043

Drew, G L: Cabinet Portrait by Slater, Llandudno, N. Wales.  Inscribed on reverse “Pte G L Drew 2nd V B Manchr” [2nd Volunteer Battalion Manchester Regiment” and “Bro G L Drew”.  0044

Prefects with Miss Duncan: Postcard portrait by Russell and Sons, Photographers, Wimbledon.  Inscribed on reverse "Prefects with Miss Duncan 1) Marjorie Johnson 2) Mildred Pearce 5) Louise Ouerkirk.  Used.  0045

Dwyer, V: Postcard portrait inscribed "To Elsie & Arthur with best Wishes for a Happy Christmas & A Bright New Year" on reverse.  Used 23 December 1917,  0046