Chumpville Senior Center
This is a Grey Area... be careful and watch your step...  weird things go on here!

Your Host, Miss Cloie & Santa

This old house is it... don't go near the tower!

Located way out back is a tower... it has a strange odor
to it... like "Kitty Litter"... rumor has it a Secret Order
of CAT Lovers use the upper levels to spy on
The Mayor Mike

Old MacDonald since retired from his farm takes care of the garden and the few animals like his Pig.. "EIEIO"

Residents of the Senior Center

Granny Grits
Sits around all day dreaming up new ways to serve Grits

Miss Sandy
Spends her time in the Center  Card Room

Joe Cool
Senior Center Handy Man.. fixes things.. keeps the Depends closet stocked!

Old Mr. Nichols
When his grandkids visit they always want to go see the Kittens in the Tower.  Mr. Nichols is related to The Godfather in some way!

Miss Lacey
Last time she had her picture taken it was by Mathew B. Brady!  She's still blinded by the powder flash.

Doc Molly
Finally moved in to the Senior Center and only opens the clinic once a week.  Has contacts with The Godfather and supplies illegal drugs to the residents.  Covers all this up by giving HUGS!

Jabba the Bum
Rumored to live in the Garbage Dumpsters he actually has a room in the lower part of the Tower.  Every time a Kitty disappears he is suspected.. he is watched!

Miss Dobson
Uses hair color to dye her hair... is the Controller of the Tower where the CATS are kept hidden away where they are use to terrorize the Mayor.

Mamma Rizzo & Tike
AKA the Golden Girls they use residence in the Senior Center to take advantage of the City Bus Service for Seniors to Wisk them to all the hot spots in town.  Rizzo still runs her Speakeasy!

Cigar Man
Pretends to be a Senior Citizen... its a front.. he's a rip off artist and pure Con Man... takes advantage of horny old ladies...

Miss Susie
Helps in the kitchen fixing wonderful meals for the residents.  Fights with Granny Grits over recipes.

Madam Blue
Has retired from her "Professional Business" and now spends a lot of time writing her memoirs and has a huge list of phone numbers.  Just got a new iPod Phone

Visitors are Welcome

The Godfather and Sheriff Scooby with their better half's paid a visit to the Center.  Rumor has it they have joined forces and now own the property.  Miss Cloie and Santa run the place with a tight fist.

The Mayor's of Reno and Chumpville both have visited.. the Mayor of Chumpville was looking for votes and the Mayor of Reno looking for some lost Chips from the Atlantis... The Golden Girls are suspects.

Prom Man paid a visit but was quickly ushered out after finding some Gin in Mama Rizzo's room... he drank so much he couldn't control himself and embarrassed everyone out on the patio.

The Mayor's secretary Miss Brandy brings her dogs over to play with the Seniors.  They are hooked to a little wagon and the Seniors take rides around the property.  Joe Cool was lost for two days before they showed back up.

Miss Dobson uses the Tower to keep all kinds of CATS... pathetic!
If you would like to be a resident of the Chumpville Senior Center or pay a visit
 please contact Miss Cloie, send a photo and in 100 words or less
 why in the hell you would want to visit.

The Rec Room at the Senior Center sometimes gets out of hand.

I don't think this is what they had in mind!

The Chumpville Chronicles
As you know... Santa's Workshop is underground here on the Center Grounds..
So here's the latest Chronicles story ... "Mystery of Santa's Workshop"
Part 1 , Part 2Part 3 ,  part 4 is in work...

Map of Chumpville