Located on the Main Street Strip in Chumpville, this is the place
 for Rockin' Southern Country Western Music and Dancing
Former Home of the "Good Time Cowgirls"

Scooters is under new management as the Mysterious Miss Black has resigned  at the County Court House and has taken on the job of General Manager of Scooters.  One of the first things she did was to boot out the Good Time Cowgirls, and she shut down the card room in the back.  She kept "Old Blue" around just to keep the Cats out.  Scooters will now feature a better class of Country Western Music.  That almost sounds like an oxy-moron.  Lots of Line Dancing and of course plenty of Beer. The Sheriff and Dirty Harry along with Marshall Dirtwater who are some of the most famous Beer Drinkers in Chumpville hang out here a lot.  In fact you might be surprised who you will see in here.
Scooters Presents

The late great
Jerry Reed

Alabama Wild Man
Eastbound and Down
Amos Moses
She Got The Gold Mind I Got The Shaft
When Your Hot Your Hot

One Last Thing:

If you insist on bringing "Old Blue"
make sure he can do more that just sit here
drinking out of the toilet in the Ladies Room!