That Was Then

This is Chumpville Now

Mama Rizzo's Speakeasy

Featuring a great selection
of Father Waldo's Wines

And a band that will just
knock your socks off!

Get here any way
you can.

The Chumpville Taxi Service

or call Uncle Vito..

He'll send one of the
Boy's to pick you up.

Free Valet Parking

Reservations are accepted
of course....

And we do take
American Express

Mama Rizzo's

Still always the best Italian Food
in Chumpville..

The Card Room

Featuring the best in slots
and table games...

Play with a friend or
just by yourself...
as long as you have
a good time!

The Rose Garden Bar
Belly Dancer

Enjoy your stay and come back often!

Map of Chumpville