Music Cove is Chumpville's Secret Getaway From the hustle
and bustle of the daily grind of normal life.  Lets face it, its a
Fantasy Island.  You have to be voted onto the Island... basically
The Mayor puts you here.... and its a little like Hotel California,
You can check out any time, you just can't leave!
But then.... no one wants to leave!
The Beach Version of Father Waldo & Tattoo are your Host!

The sun comes up on our sleepy little Island, you can hear the sea gulls
soaring in the sky above looking for the first sign of life on the beach.

The blue water and green Palm Trees

And a puffy little white cloud

Lots of shacks like this to live in at the cove.

The walkway from the shack to the beach.

The Hot Tub Shack is always inviting.
Click Here To Enter The Hot Tub

Life during the day is rough.... all that time on the beach...
 you need lots of naps!

Frenchy's (Skinny Dip) Beach

The Sunset brings on the night life!

Chez Prom Beach Hut Restaurant

Take a romantic walk on the back deck

Chez Prom's Beach Hut Bar

Our Bartender Issac is very helpful and friendly!

During the day you can go snorkeling.

Or sail in the clear water.....
or just take it easy!

Beach Patrol is provided by Constable Rico and his dog "Moose"

We hope you enjoy your stay on
Music Cove as the sun sets in the West!


Music Cove Starlight Amphitheater
Due to Hurricane Annie, the Starlight Bandstands were damaged and
we will open up one amphitheater on the Island... it is under construction.
The Current Residents
New Membership is being addressed.
If you have found this page... you can apply for membership
by sending e-mail to The Mayor
The Residents of Tune Island

The Mayor

Tom & Liz



Joe Cool

The Map of Music Cove
Frenchy the Mermaid