The Honorable Mayor Mick

The Mayor's Office on the 4th floor of City Hall

City Council Members

Tom Gorman
Deputy Mayor

Diana K Loizou

Dominga Alaniz
Mexican Affairs Mgr.

Harry Stralendorf
Veterans Affairs Mgr.

Judy Pack Robinson
School Board Dir.

Vicki Moore Russell
Campaign Mgr.

Vivian Wattum
Civic Projects Mgr.

Michael Sipes
Transportation Dept.

Cathy Black
Country Western Advisor

Marilee Henry
Humane Society Mgr.

Dark Man
Tunnels Mgr.

Cloie Lévesque
Senior Center Mgr.

Miss Brandy
Mayor's Secretary

Doc Molly
Hospital Director

Pete Strout
Music Coordinator

Tracy Gagnon
Canadian Language Interpreter.

Nute Aikens
Chief of Police

Ann Castle Montgomery
Mayor's Personal Assistant

Father Waldo

The Wizard
Dir. CIA

Doug (DoZy) Zylstra
City Maintenance Dir.

Alex Black
City Attorney

Dan Meyer
Sanitation Dept. Mgr.

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