Famous and Rich alike visit Jhairee's for his excellentstyling expertise.
No Wonder the citizens of Chumpville are so excited.

I love this place.

Debbie Has Style

This looks fabulous!
The T-Birds will love this!
Jhairee arrived at the C-Ville International Airport in his modified Boeing 757 with much fanfare and whoop de doo!

Look what he did to me!

His Ass...sistant Bruce came along for the ride... what a sweetheart!

He drove me to drink!

Me too!

Jhairee really can belt them out..

I bust out all over here!

Sheriff BLK, Prom Man & Miss Buxom love Jhairee.

Wait..why am I here

Go Panthers!

Fun Times at Jhairee's House of Hair

Look at this rack, of hair

He made me a cartoon.

He screwed our hair up we have to wear hats!

Oh Jhairee..

Lots of Pink in here!

Even Red Heads Like Jhairee

And Bartenders!

So this is where Dark Man gets his good looks.

And I got something else here...

He couldn't do much for me.

Made me look sharp!

Yea me too. LOL
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