The Grease Club
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The idea behind Grease Club is to enjoy the music and keep a  young at heart attitude.

Chumpville Grease Club History
An off shoot of STC the Grease Club got started one night on the Instant Messenger when Diana, Dotty, Doo Wop,
and myself got to talking about the movie Grease and how much we all liked it.  One thing lead to another and we
soon discovered we were all talking like we were in high school again and could have been members of the Pink
Ladies or T-Birds in 1959 at Rydell High.  We all had graduated from high school in the same part of time.
So we called ourselves The Grease Club and took on nicknames.  Diana was Rizzo, I was Keneckie, Dotty was
Sandy and Doo Wop was Danny.  Or at least that's how it started.  We called the Instant Messenger the
"Malt Shop" cause we all went there and talked and raised hell.  Soon we started to bring in a few others that
came to the Malt Shop.  Some nicknames changed and we started taking on our own rolls and individual
things that were unique to us.  Since I always ended my messages with "Later Gator", Dotty dubbed me
Wally Gator and now just Wally.  Doo Wop soon became just Doo Wop cause that's all we ever really called
him anyway.  Diana has always been Rizzo and came up with the now famous "Granny's Gin" as the drink we spiked
our Cherry Cokes with at the Malt Shop.  Chumpville then became the location of the Greasers as we played out
our high school fantasies.  The Hill soon became the place for necking along with the Chumpville Drive Inn.
Skinny Dip Lake or SDL as its popularly  known.. quickly became a destination and the butt of
a lot of jokes and pictures.  Doo Wop's Blow Up Dolls became a part of history also...
We had neighboring towns of Hooterville and Puxley... from the old TV Show "Petticoat Junction".. that just
happened... Annie became "Frenchy", Tracy was "Martie" from the Pink Ladies... Pete became Johnny Angel cause
Frenchy named him that.  Bev was Mustang Sally, Chris was Cookie, Dolimaha was Cha Cha, Dan became
Night Rider, a take off from the hero in Grease II I think.  And on and on.  I wrote some crazy stories about the
Greasers and our adventures in Chumpville.  We all had different fictitious  cars... Wally had the now famous
Wally Wagon which was half car and half helicopter... there was actually a real car like it.. See picture below.
. We developed an e-mail list and every little note went to everyone.  We soon flooded the
e-mail system and this is still a problem to this day.  Dan fixed us up a Grease Club Group on Yahoo where
we can go chat in the chat room and use that e-mail list also.  It still gets down to the Chicks vs Dudes or
Pink Ladies vs the T-Birds in most of our BS.  Some of us now have several rolls that we take on... for example
I'm not only Mayor Mick... but Wally, The Wizard, Father Waldo, and Bubba the Convict in Jail. 
Annie is "Frenchy", Sister Golden Hair, and "Bratgirl".. the Mayor's favorite crime fighter.
The list of members is below... some go on and off the mailing list because of one thing or another..but once
a Greaser...always a Greaser.  Our biggest tragedy  was when Doo Wop suddenly passed away in March of 2001.
and Judy Moore (Judge Judy / Foxy Roxy) in October of 2001.
We all realized then how close we actually were as friends even most of us only know of each other thru the internet.
So the Grease Club lives and Doo Wop & Judy lives in all our hearts.
Long Live Grease!

The Wally Wagon
Famous for its back seat refrigerator, fly's like a helicopter.

Grease Club Members Mailing List
Name From Nickname e-mail
Mick White Kent, WA Wally Gator
Tracy Gagnon Edmonton, AB, CAN Martiee
Dan Meyer Woodland Hills, CA Sheriff Dano 
Diana Charles Reno, NV Rizzo
Pete Strout Fuquay Varina, NC Johnny Angel
Molly Day Montgomery, AL Doc Molly
Nick Nichols Oklahoma City, OK Nickster
Mike MacDonald Whitinsville, MA Prom Man
Melanie Lutz Regina, SK, CAN Wild Thing
Randy Cooper Regina, SK, CAN Hot Rod
Cathy Shelley Stratford, ON, Canada Fire Chick
Doug Shelley Stratford, ON, Canada Coach
Wycliffe Barrett Cardiff, UK Wickster
Sandi Decker Harrison, AR Madam Blue
John Markulin Euclid, OH Scooby Doo
Bug Fraley Alpena, AR Bugster
Tom Gorman Prairie Village, KS Dirty Harry
Liz Randal Prairie Village, KS Luscious Liz
Buffalo, NY Sloopy
Winston - Salem, NC Bobbi
Cloie Lévesque Nashua, NH Miss Cloie
Greg Vandiver Sanford, NC "Maverick" contact me for address
Pam, Kenny, Suzy Eaton, OH ?
Bud Light Kid
Mary Jane King Putnam, CT Teacher
Cathy Brockman Norfolk, VA Scooter
Carol Dobson New York, NY Crabby Appleton
Sandy Williams Toronto, Canada ?
Joe Stewart Tampa, FL Joe Cool
Mark Bazala Costa Rica Jabba the Bum
Members Not On Current Mailing List
Kym Shelton Seymour, CT CAt Woman
Temp Removed
Neil Adams The Prom Banquet Boy
Temp Removed
Lisa Bushey Colchester, VT Brandy
Temp Removed
Steve Lovins Camden Point, MO One Putt
Temp Removed
Darren McBroom Harriman, TN Broomster
Temp Removed
Annie McGuire Pittsburgh, PA Frenchy
"Cat" Jefferson San Diego, CA "CAT"
Mish Golden New Bern, NC Chief Dishae
Liz Melia Reading, England Tiger Liz
Robin Porter Floris, Iowa Rowdy Girl
Chris Durham Hurlock, MD Cookie
Jeff O'Toole USAF - Virginia Batty
Away on Duty
Linda Kay Midwest City, OK Guppy
Virginia Beach, VA Beach
Kit Katz Forster, Australia Kit
On Temp LOA
On Temp LOA
Nicole Marshall Alpena, AR Sassy
On Temp LOA
Dotty Boring Virginia Beach, VA Queenie
On Temp LOA
Clay Reed Wickliffe, KY Cruiser
Bev Yacks Whittier, CA Mustang Sally
Terry Story Olympia, WA The Wanderer
On Temp LOA
Perry Mason Benton, AR Ironsides
Charles Rogers Ravenswood, WV Butch  
On Temp LOA
Dolimah Deen The Netherlands Cha Cha
Resigned from Grease
Gary Sanders Spokane, WA Zuko
On Temp LOA
Jaye Mason Sheridan, AR Jazzy J Lost track of Jaye
Karen Bennett Lake Worth, FL Kitten Lost track of Karen
Mike Yando Tupper Lake, NY Lonewolf
Haven't heard from him
Lisa Herrick Lakeport, CA "Lefty"
On Temp LOA
Shane George St. Joseph, MO Eugene
On Temp LOA
Rhonda Boldyzar Belle Vernon, PA Ronnie
On Temp LOA

Deceased Grease Club Members
Doo Wop Dady , Judge Judy (Foxy Roxy), Maui Dude.. Richard (Boobster)

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