The retired Police Chief of Chumpville, has all the
 contacts you'll need to
get your Dirty Deeds Done anything but Dirt Cheep.
So make his day Punk,
give him a call!
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From L to R Tom (Out of the Gutter) Gorman, Sheryl (Down the Middle) Liddle
, LaVonne (Left of Center) McGill, & John ( Where's my Limo) Tebo.
Professional Bowlers Association

"Max" - the Resident Pro & Coach at Dirty Harry's

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The Luscious Liz Lounge

Enjoy Great Food at Luscious Liz's

Luscious Liz really runs this place hehehe!

The Godfather, The Mayor, & Dirty Harry share a glass of wine
complements of Mama Rizzo... Cheers Rizzo!

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