A real Trash Talkin Place... featuring a Junkyard Yard Sale
Dirt Race Track, Bud Light Saloon, BBQ Pit
and Lynyrd Sknyrd playing Southern Rock!

That's Kenny in Ohio... AKA The Bud Light Kid!
Tips for Rednecks

Its located out past Old MacDonald's Farm... way out on the back road to Puxley.
There's old cars and junk of all kinds.  It is suspected that something
Illegal is going on here... its under investigation!

The Yard Sale is worth the price of admission...  sheltered in the woods you can
sell and buy just about anything there.  Prom Man even has his own little
tent set up there.... and its a little smoky!

The Race Track always has something going on... Good Old Boys from Chumpville,
Puxley, Hooterville, Tunestone, and other local towns bring their race cars
for the weekend races... it gets loud out here.

The BBQ Pit cooks up some good old stuff...  Granny Grits even sends some of
her Grits out for your consumption....  unlike the Chez Prom.. this is REAL Food
according to the Bud Light Kid himself... guaranteed!

Them good old boys really know how to eat.... you won't go hungry here.

Drop on in to the Bud Light Saloon and you women please leave your bra's
its a tradition here... woo hoo!

Get it on!

Lynyrd Skynyrd

Gold Platinum
Down South Jukin'
Saturday Night Special
Gimme Three Steps
What's Your Name
You Got That Right
Gimme Back My Bullets
Sweet Home Alabama
Free Bird
That Smell
On the Hunt
I Ain't The One
Whiskey Rock-A-Roller
Simple Man
I Know A Little
Tuesday's Gone
Comin' Home