CHRONICLES 102 - More Monsters!

(Part 101 ended as Homeless Jim was scared out of his witts when he

heard something behind him near the entrance to the tunnel.)


As Homeless Jim turn to see what was behind he spotted two figures in

the dark rainy night. "Oh hi there", said Rizzo as she and Doo Wop had

come up the hill to check on the lights they had seen. "Uh hi" said

Homeless Jim, happy to see it was two teens.  "Who are you"? "I'm

Rizzo and this is Doo Woo we saw some lights and someone walking

around must have been you". "Could have been but I saw something in

there (as he pointed towards the opening to the tunnel) "it was scary

and made a strange sound".  "We better get away from here, Dark Man is

known to lurk around" said Doo Woo, looking rather nervous. "But I

thought he had been captured and put in the dungeon in the Kings

Castle over in Puxley"? Said Rizzo. "Then what on earth did I see"?

Said Homeless Jim not sure what to think about this Dark Man story.

"We need to leave, come on we'll give you a ride, this weather is

getting bad", said Doo Wop. And the three of them headed back down the

hill to the parking area. Unaware they were being watched by two evil

looking eye's.


Meanwhile at the Chumpville Airport a Boeing 757 was landing bearing
the logo of Jhariee Air!


Inside the tunnel Mel from Hell watched as the three intruders

disappeared down the hill. (Mel is Dark Man's main squeeze. They had

an offspring that looks like a troll and she had him on a leash. Since

Dark Man had been captured by Sheriff BLK she had hooked up with the

Boogy Man because she couldn't control her sex drive.) "Come Brutus we

must go and make sure Bubba and that old hag Bag Lady aren't up to no

good, you did a good job scaring those people away". She gave a tug on

the leash and they went deep into tunnel. "We need to work on our

plans to rescue Dark Man.


A couple days later rumors that Dark Man had been seen again were

running rapid thru town. The Mayor had called a meeting of the

Homeland security members. Consisting of Chief Nute, Sheriff BLK,

Judge Southern and The Wizard.

"Are you sure he's still locked up in the Dungeon"? The Mayor asked.

"Quite sure Mr. Mayor I checked on him myself". Said the Wizard. "Hey

mayor you got any Bud Lite in your little fridge"? Asked the Sheriff

getting up to help himself. "Well if he's still there who did they see

up by the tunnel entrance, the town is going bonkers with fear over

this". Said the Mayor. "I'm one of the new Chumpsters so I'm not

familiar with the history in this one horse town". Said Judge

Southern. "Speaking of horses how come you wear that goofy looking

wig, you look like Seattle Stew" said the Sheriff popping the tab on

his beer. "Gentleman please this is serious, act accordingly, and by

the way Sheriff that was Seattle Slew", said the Mayor. "I can assign

a couple of my agents at the CIA to do some snooping around", said The

Wizard, "Undercover of course". Chief Nute who had been sitting there

taking all this in spoke up. "Has anyone seen that hideous Mel from

He'll lately, remember she had that monstrous baby with Dark Man."

About that time The Sheriff's cell phone rang playing the theme from

Batman as his ring tone. "What no light in the sky", muttered Chief

Nute who thought the Sheriff was a bumbling idiot. "Yes Occifer Mike

what's up"? It got quiet as everyone tried to hear the conversation.

"Why is that fool calling the Sheriff when he works for me", thought

the Chief.

"Ok Occfier Mike me and the Chief will be right there".  "What's going

on Sheriff"? Asked the Mayor. "You know that new fairy looking beauty

shop guy that's in town, well he hired a couple locals to help set up

shop. Jo jo and Claudia were in the basement unpacking boxes and

something attacked them". "HOLY CRAP", said the Mayor, "Was anyone

hurt"? They took the two women to Doc Molly's that's all I know, let's

ride Chief".


At the same time in Hooterville , Skippy the new owner of the

Chumpville Liquor Store was having a meeting with The Godfather at his

nightclub. "Are you sure this will work"? Said Skippy noticing some

kind of commotion outside the window. " No sweat, I'll have one of my

goons come to your back door pick up the booze and drive it back here,

that way no one will notice". Said Godfather. Skippy had walked to the

window. "What are you looking at"? Said Godfather getting up and

walking towards the window. "Don't know bunch of people in the street

pointing at something, Oh Shit there it is"!!! said Skippy pointing in

the direction of Hot Rod Randy's Auto Shop. Godfather looked out the

window. "Oh My God". "What is that thing"? Asked Skippy. "It's the

Troll", said Godfather trembling.

To be continued in Part 3